Connecticut Society of the Children of the American Revolution



  • To acquire knowledge of American History.
  • To preserve and restore places of Historical importance associated with men and women who forwarded American Independence.
  • To ascertain the deeds and honor the memories of the men, women and children who rendered service to the cause of the American Revolution.
  • To promote the celebration of patriotic anniversaries.
  • To honor and cherish the Flag of the United States of America above every other flag.
  • To love, uphold and extend the principles of American liberty and patriotism.

Any boy or girl under the age of twenty-one years is eligible for membership who is descended from a man or woman who, with unfailing loyalty, rendered material aid to the cause of American Independence as a soldier, sailor, civil officer, or recognized patriot in one of the several Colonies or States, or of the United States, provided that the applicant is personally acceptable to the Society.